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    Era Peers, Create And Share-New Sanya Waterproof 2020 Spring Festival Annual Conference

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    On the afternoon of January 11, 2020, the New Sanya Waterproof "Era peers, create and share" 2020 New Year Group Annual Conference was grandly held in Chengdu's Yangan production base. The company's chairman Kou Xiaojun, general manager Lai Xuezhen and 300 employees and family members of New Sanya Waterproof participated in the annual meeting, farewell to the fruitful 2019 and welcome the promising 2020.


    New Year Inspiring Speech 

    Chairman Kou Xiaojun delivered a warm speech and highly praised all staff for their hard work over the past year. 2019 is the seventeenth year that New Sanya Waterproofing has taken root and pioneered development in the field of waterproof building materials. We have experienced the constraints of industry quality improvement and environmental protection policies to continuously increase capacity, and we have experienced fierce competition brought by industry mergers and reorganizations and foreign investment.  2019 is the year we take the initiative to change, aiming to realize a new Sanya dream of phenomenal, ten billion and era. In the coming 2020, it will be gradually implemented in our management, R & D, production and market, and in our organizational change and upgrade. We have taken the first step in this journey to create a leading brand in China's waterproof building materials industry.


    General Manager Lai Xuezhen delivered a speech in the New Year. She thanked everyone for their hard work over the past year. She pointed out that with the participation of everyone, we can make our family warmer and happier, and encourage everyone to keep up with the company's development and overtake the company's curve. Work hard and be willing to join hands with every employee of New Sanya Waterproof towards a more brilliant future! Finally, she wishes everyone a happy New Year, good health and good luck!


    Recognizing Outstanding Employees and Motivating More Employees

    Looking back at 2019, we have flowers, we have applause, we have sweat, we have tears, we have wind and sunshine, and we have rough seas. All employees of the company overcome difficulties, worked hard, and achieved extraordinary results. There are many outstanding employees and outstanding teams who stand out. They are the mainstay of New Sanya Waterproofing, carrying the splendor and splendor of New Sanya Waterproofing.

    1. The one who won the special quality award: He is the Executor of the company's product quality standards and the future star of New Sanya Waterproofing. He exerted his talents in the quality inspection journey, let his dreams go, and he moved calmly. Yang Xiaojun


    2. Colleagues who have obtained advanced personals: They are enthusiastic about work and careers. Regardless of personal gains and losses, abide by their own duties, and strive to do their jobs well, they are the new Sanya waterproof and harmonious cultivators.They are Fu Zhimin, the manager of the production department, Dan Huaifu, the team leader of the color tile workshop, Wang Jun, the director of the finished product warehouse, Qi Changshun of the quality management department, Chen Hong, the batcher in the second workshop, Yu Yanqiong of the financial center, Li Jianhua, the manager of the Bayi store, Technical Center Duan Lei, Engineering Service Department He Wentao


    3. Excellent Group Award: they love work, are passionate, not afraid of difficulties, and use actual actions to contribute to the development of the new Sanya waterproof.They are the second coil workshop of the production department of the production center and the strategic collection department of the marketing center.


    4. Get the collective of the advanced team: they are a combative team, they are responsible for their work and responsibilities. They use responsibilities, loyalty, Execution and organization to escort the new Sanya Waterproof. They are the new Sanya waterproof production center



    Show Performance

    Subsequent wonderful art performances slowly kicked off with the introduction of the host. Staff from various departments brought various forms of chorus, solo, self-directed chorus, solo, dance, sketch, martial arts, solo saxophone, guitar playing, poetry Recitations and other programs are colorful and exciting. The performance of the show not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues' hearts closer to each other. The singing, applause and cheering at the scene continued, everyone conveyed this joy to each other, showing the joy and harmony of the new Sanya waterproofing family.


    President Office Chorus "Me and My Country"


    Chen Xi, martial arts performance from the Ministry of International Trade


    Yu Yuhong, Sax plays "The Love Song of the West Sea", from the Ministry of International Trade


    Dance of Quality Management Department


    Yi Wenhui, from Finance Center Song "Father's Prose Poem"


    Finance Center Choir Inspirational Song "The Sun Is Always After the Storm"


    Chorus of the Production Department of the Production Center-"Believe in Yourself"

    Lucky Draw

    This year's annual meeting has set up 4 rounds of lucky draws, each round draws 4 lucky places. As the host presses the lottery system for the lottery, everyone cheers together and continuously pushes the annual conference activities to a climax.


    Dinner Session

    At 17:30 in the evening, the dinner officially started. Everyone raises glasses, celebrates the New Year, and makes a lot of fun.

    We are gathered together to welcome the arrival of the New Year and send all the New Year blessings to all New Sanya people! Looking back to yesterday's brilliant performance and looking forward to a bright future tomorrow! Together we wish New Sanya Waterproofing a great success!

    On the occasion of the coming of the Chinese New Year, I wish all distributors and customers of New Sanya Waterproof a happy Chinese New Year, good luck, good health, and happy family!

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